Designed for the specialized needs of military and law enforcement, Vidmar® weapon storage solutions offer significant space savings and superior organization over racking-style systems.
Vertical Weapon Storage System
The Vidmar® Vertical Weapon Storage System provides the security, mobility, accessibility, and modularity necessary for the safe storage and easy deployment of firearms and other equipment. Custom-configure it to store large quantities of a single weapon or a combination of weapons and gear in one secure location.
View Details VLM Weapon Storage
    • AR 190-11 compliant. Featuring two lockable secure points plus the ability to bolt or daisy chain with other cabinets
    • Easily deployable. Optional handles and lifting eye or pallet base
    • Horizontal tambour doors. Robust, perforated doors open and close easily and allow you to visibly manage inventory
    • Compatible with cabinets. Vidmar XL High Density Storage Drawer Cabinets can be stacked on top within the same footprint
    • Custom-configurable. Allows for mixed weapons and gear configurations that include pistol cradles, ammunition storage bins, and more
Horizontal Weapon Storage System
Store weapons horizontally with the highest level of security and space savings. Our units are fully customizable and field-tested.
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    • High storage capacity. Holds approximately 40 to 45 weapons vs. rack storage, which typically holds 10
    • Safety features. Secures weapons with integrated locking mechanism and shock bar
    • Verified secure. System is verified as meeting the requirements of paragraph 4 of the Small Arms Storage Rack Certification Document, part of AR 190-11 for the physical security of arms, ammunition, and explosives
    • Versatile. Easily integrates into a variety of Vidmar® storage systems
Modular Storage Cabinets
Modular storage cabinets are a flexible, fully customizable storage solution that grow to meet your operation’s ever-changing needs. You can be sure that whatever you’re storing is protected by durable housing and drawer systems.
View Details Modular drawer storage cabinets
    • Fully extendable drawers. Drawers extend 100% even when loaded to 440 lb./200 kg capacity
    • Sub-dividable drawers. Customize with drawer accessories to separate and organize items
    • Labels available. Add optional labels to drawer pulls for quick identification and retrieval
    • Locking systems available. Optional, for added security