Toolboxes and Toolrooms

Vidmar® offers practical solutions for tool storage – including mobile computer cabinets and toolboxes that make it easy to diagnose equipment issues right on the spot, and high-capacity storage cabinets perfect for organizing and storing items everywhere from tool rooms to bus garages.
Industrial Toolboxes
Vidmar® industrial toolboxes are engineered to endure all types of workplace demands, with each drawer capable of holding up to 440 lbs. Every inch of your toolbox is fully customizable, from size and color, to drawer configurations, to an array of toolbox accessories.
View Details Industrial Toolbox
    • Multipurpose. Can double as storage equipment and workstations, driving maximum workplace efficiency
    • Optional casters. Turn any custom industrial toolbox into a mobile toolbox with heavy-duty casters
    • Multiple locking options. Secure your toolbox with one of our locking systems
    • Heavy-duty capacity. Store up to 440 lbs. of tools in each drawer
    • Custom-configurable. Choose the number and type of storage compartments you need
Vertical Display Cabinets
Make smart use of available space by adding Vidmar® vertical display cabinets above your drawer storage cabinets. No need to open the door to find what you're looking for. These cabinets allow you to store tools in a way that keeps them visible and identifiable from a distance.
Vertical Display Cabinets
    • Pegboard included. Organize and locate tools easily
    • Locking doors. Pegboard sits behind locking Plexiglas® bypass doors, for protection and security
    • Compatible with drawer storage cabinets. Can be installed above most Vidmar® drawer storage cabinets
Mobile Computer Cabinets
Vidmar® provides the ultimate durable platform for housing computers for maintenance facilities in education and training settings. Our computer storage cabinet is designed to protect and secure your equipment while making it easy to access and use. And it's easy to make it mobile – just add optional casters.
View Details Computer Cabinets
    • Custom-configurable. Choose a preconfigured option or customize a computer cabinet to your exact needs
    • Monitor viewing window. Window in hinged upper door protects screen while allowing full visibility
    • Roll-out shelves. Easy access to foldaway keyboard tray and printer
    • Heavy-capacity lower roll-out shelf. For storing heavier items
    • Manual release latch. Keeps drawers in open or closed position
    • Hinge-lock bar. Offers additional security
    • Optional casters. Add heavy-duty casters for easy mobility
    • Additional features. Including ventilating fan, multi-outlet power strip, and double lower doors with lock
Utility Carts
Vidmar® utility carts are a convenient way to keep tools at hand as you move from task to task. This lightweight, highly mobile storage option is built with the same durability and strength as other Vidmar storage systems.
Utility Cart
    • Easy to maneuver. Heavy-duty yet lightweight construction
    • High storage capacity. 16,910 cubic inches of storage space with an overall storage capacity of 600 lbs.
    • Drawer options. Choose one or two drawers (each drawer holds up to 150 lbs.)
Roll-out Tray Cabinets
Designed for the storage of heavy, bulky items, Vidmar® steel roll-out tray cabinets give you full access to all stored items at once.
View Details rollout Manufacturing
    • Fully extendable trays. See and access all tray contents
    • Adjustable tray height. To accommodate different item sizes
    • Heavy-duty weight capacity. Each tray can hold 440 lb.
    • Open tray front. Allows items to be removed easily
    • Integrated tray handle. With lock-in latch for safety
    • Lockable door. Closes flush over trays