Adjustable Racking System (ARS)

Maximize storage density by minimizing unused vertical space within racking.

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Flexible, Heavy-Duty Solution

Like the STAK System®, the ARS is based on a system of removable, positionable pallets, but does not include the STAK's mast and bridge assembly. ARS pallets are moved with fork trucks.
Adjustable Racking
  • Cantilever Overhang
    Cantilever Overhang
    Allows lifting device to travel beyond racking (four feet of overhang). Ideal for parts staging or transfer.
  • STAK System - Drum Storage
    Drum Storage
    Barrels and heavy drums can be stored horizontally in our steel cradles, or stored vertically.
  • STAK System - Flow Through Pallet
    Flow-Through Pallet
    Allows sprinkler system water to flow through pallet.
  • Master Rotation Restraint - STAK
    Mast Rotation Restraint
    Automatically positions mast at 90° intervals (parallel and perpendicular to aisle). Can be disengaged to provide 360° continuous rotation.
  • Pallet Support Frame - STAK
    Pallet Support Frame
    One-piece frame used to store loads on skids. Available in varying widths.
  • Rear Column Bracket - STAK
    Rear Column Brackets
    Bolt brackets to rear columns to convert unused space into manual storage space.
  • STAK System - Rear Lip Pallet
    Rear Lip Pallet
    Centered on pallet, a 1-1/4”-high rear lip provides added security by preventing items from extending beyond pallet.
  • Reel Storage - STAK
    Reel Storage
    Steel brackets are attached to pallet for storage of wire rope, cable, tubing, hosing, and more.
  • Master Rotation Restraint - STAK
    Safety Mesh
    Flush-mounted nylon mesh or expanded metal, safety-rated up to 1,000 lbs. per square foot for 2K STAK System® and up to 4,000 lbs. per square foot for 4K STAK System®.
  • Steel Pallet - STAK
    Steel Pallet
    Available in a variety of standard sizes: six widths and four depths.
  • STAK System - Tire Storage
    Tire Storage
    Cross bars secure up to six standard tires or four oversized tires. Tire storage pallet can be loaded directly to and from delivery truck, eliminating a transport step.
  • Tub Kit - STAK
    Tub Kit
    Four sidewalls. Available in three heights: 4-7/8”, 8-3/4", and 12-5/8".
  • Tub Kit P and D - STAK
    Tub Kit Dividers & Partitions
    Sidewall and front-to-back partitions plus dividers. Allows compartmentalization of pallets.
  • Tub Kit - STAK
    Tub Kit with Drop Front
    Items can be easily removed when front wall is dropped. Available in three heights: 4-7/8”, 8-3/4", and 12-5/8".
  • STAK System - Wire Basket
    Wire Basket
    Easy-to-see storage for small or irregular items.
  • WIP Cart - STAK
    Work-in-Process Cart
    Cradles entire pallet for easy, fast delivery. Utilizes two fixed and two swivel casters with locks.
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