Aerospace Storage

Heavy-duty storage solutions with a proven record in the aviation industry.
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Mezzanine systems are custom configurable and save valuable floor space. STAK adjustable racking is great for storing and retrieving parts in hangars or warehouses without a forklift. And our versatile workstations and workbenches are perfect for all your benching needs.
Modular Storage Cabinets
Modular storage cabinets are a flexible, fully customizable storage solution that grow to meet your operation’s ever-changing needs. You can be sure that whatever you’re storing is protected by durable housing and drawer systems.
View Details Modular drawer storage cabinets
    • Fully extendable drawers. Drawers extend 100% even when loaded to 440 lb./200 kg capacity
    • Sub-dividable drawers. Customize with drawer accessories to separate and organize items
    • Labels available. Add optional labels to drawer pulls for quick identification and retrieval
    • Locking systems available. Optional, for added security
Completely modular, Vidmar® mezzanine systems can be reconfigured as often as necessary – even when fully loaded. Use this solution to create two levels of convenient storage, saving valuable floor space.
View Details Mezzanines
    • Sturdy, all-steel construction. Built to last, and backed by our lifetime warranty
    • Two types available. Choose what meets your needs: the MaxiMezz™ System or the MiniMezz™ System
    • Flexible configuration. Build it around your facility’s space requirements and traffic patterns using aisle and pass-through modules
    • Stairs and railings. Included on both MaxiMezz and MiniMezz
    • Easy compatibility. Can be configured with any Vidmar cabinet
StaticGard™/ESD Cabinets
Vidmar® StaticGard™ cabinets offer an array of drawer and housing options designed to help create a static-safe work environment while providing you with space-saving, organized storage. In addition to our preconfigured StaticGard/ESD cabinets, all other Vidmar cabinets can be converted to be static-dissipative, if desired.
View Details ESD Products
    • Adhere to ESD Association Standards. For protecting against static damage
    • Customizable. Choose the drawer configuration that works for you
    • Choose number of drawers. Models available with 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 drawers
    • ESD accessories available. Customize your drawers with static-safe accessories, including partitions, dividers, quarter trays, bins, and bin dividers
    • Optional casters. Make your cabinets easily moveable with the addition of heavy-duty casters
Technical Benches
A lighter-use version of our standard heavy-duty workstation, Vidmar® technical workbenches are an ideal way to increase employee productivity at tool workstations or in general industrial offices.
View Details Technical Bench Aerospace
    • 3 heights available. Cabinets available in 3 preconfigured heights, with a standard width and depth (16-1/2" W x 28-1/4" D)
    • Heavy weight capacity drawers. Each holds up to 200 lbs. and can be opened fully for easy access
    • Choice of drawer heights. Available in 4 heights and equipped with ball bearing slides for smooth, quiet operation
    • Sub-dividable drawers. Can be outfitted with your choice of partition-and-divider combination
    • Optional accessories. Modesty panels, stringers, foot rests, shelves, kick plates, recessed bases, and base extensions
    • Designed for safety. Cabinets have flushed fronts and recessed drawer pulls for added safety
Vidmar® workstations are rugged yet polished to meet your demanding benching requirements, and can be custom-configured to fit individual needs. Choose from different components, including cabinet type, worksurface, back stops and end stops, riser shelves and back panels, and other accessories.
View Details Workstations
    • Space-saving. Modular workstations optimize the use of vertical space
    • Ergonomic design. All workstation components like the Nexus Accessory system are designed to increase productivity and decrease the risk of employee injury
    • Built-in pallet feet included. Makes moving your workstation easy, even when fully loaded
    • Workstation accessories. Customize with fluorescent lights, under-bench cabinets, bookcases, bookcase risers, power strips, recessed bases, and more
    • Heavy-duty construction. Built to endure long-term, rugged use
STAK System®
Based on a system of dynamically adjustable pallets (rather than fixed shelves) and a captive lifting and handling device, the STAK System helps maximize storage density by minimizing the vertical space requirements of each stored pallet and its contents.
View Details STAK System
    • Fully modular. Rack capacity is 25,000 lbs. per section and 50,000 lbs. per bay (seismic zones 1 and 2)
    • Pallets placed in 4" vertical increments. Items can be stored just where you want them, and are positioned via a positive engagement system
    • Ergonomic handling. Unique handling device maneuvers on four axes, creating 360-degree flexibility – makes removing even large loads easy
    • Simple, intuitive positioning. Enables the operator to relocate a pallet quickly, accurately, and safely (pallets are removed and replaced by guiding the mast to the new position)
Shelf Cabinets
Our shelf cabinets provide often-needed shelf storage space and can be used for a number of heavy-duty purposes and custom built to your exact specification. Use them as desk or workstation cabinets supporting a worksurface, or stack them above drawer cabinets to house overflow and semi-bulk inventory.
View Details Shelf Cabinets
    • Ideal for bulk material storage. Tools, gloves, cloths, rags, boxes, and other items
    • Optional doors. Including mesh doors for storing critical-response equipment (all doors have a magnetic catch)
    • Optional locks. Keep cabinet contents secure
    • Compatible with drawer cabinets. Constructed to the same dimensions and design as Vidmar® drawer storage cabinets, allowing for seamless integration – or for converting shelf cabinets to drawer cabinets at any time