Shelf Storage Cabinets

Efficient, accessible shelf storage for large or bulky items.
What do you want your Vidmar® cabinet to look like? Choose from 13 standard colors, or pick any custom color to suit your needs.
S0340 S0340
  • Butcher Block - Drawer Storage
    Butcher Block
    Creates a clean, attractive look that's also functional.
  • Hinged Lock - Drawer Storage
    Hinged Lock Bars
    Mounts to front of cabinet for use with secure padlock.
  • Keyed - Drawer Storage
    Cylinder locks come standard on our drawer cabinets and feature an easily replaceable removable core.
  • Keyless - Drawer Storage
    Enables easy keyless access to cabinets.
  • Plastic Laminate - Drawer Storage
    Plastic Laminate
    Top off your cabinet with a counter that's sleek yet durable.
  • Stainless Steel - Drawer Storage
    Stainless Steel Cover
    Adds additional durability and protection to your cabinet worksurface.
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