Education & Training

Vidmar® has all the storage solutions your educational facility needs to work smarter.
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From workbenches and workstations to cabinets and accessories, many of our products ship within a week of your order – so instead of waiting, you're working.
From safe and ergonomic work areas to space-saving cabinets and lockers, explore storage and workspace solutions that support a productive learning environment.
Specialty Lockers
Safely store personal protection equipment (PPE) – including gloves, breathing apparatus, and ear/eye protection – for your facility's staff and students.
Learn More Specialty Lockers
    • Dedicated drawer storage. Prevents unnecessary handling of PPE to increase shelf life
    • Identical drawer interiors. Helps expedite frequent PPE inspections, saving significant man-hours annually
    • Expanded storage space. For holding outerwear, boots, and other personal items
    • Fully customizable. Perfect for a range of industries, including military, fire departments, police departments, and maintenance companies
Computer Cabinets
Vidmar® provides the ultimate durable platform for housing computers in education and training settings. Our computer storage cabinets are designed to protect and secure your equipment while making it easy to access and use.
View Details Computer Cabinets
    • Custom-configurable. Choose a preconfigured option or customize a computer cabinet to your exact needs
    • Monitor viewing window. Window in hinged upper door protects screen while allowing full visibility
    • Roll-out shelves. Easy access to foldaway keyboard tray and printer
    • Heavy-capacity lower roll-out shelf. For storing heavier items
    • Manual release latch. Keeps drawers in open or closed position
    • Hinge-lock bar. Offers additional security
    • Optional casters. Add heavy-duty casters for easy mobility
    • Additional features. Including ventilating fan, multi-outlet power strip, and double lower doors with lock
Vidmar® workstations are rugged yet polished to meet your demanding benching requirements, and can be custom-configured to fit individual needs. Choose from different components, including cabinet type, worksurface, back stops and end stops, riser shelves and back panels, and other accessories.
View Details Workstations - education and training
    • Space-saving. Modular workstations optimize the use of vertical space
    • Ergonomic design. All workstation components like the Nexus Accessory system are designed to increase productivity and decrease the risk of employee injury
    • Built-in pallet feet included. Makes moving your workstation easy, even when fully loaded
    • Workstation accessories. Customize with fluorescent lights, under-bench cabinets, bookcases, bookcase risers, power strips, recessed bases, and more
    • Heavy-duty construction. Built to endure long-term, rugged use
Industrial Toolboxes
Vidmar® industrial toolboxes are engineered to endure all types of workplace demands, with each drawer capable of holding up to 440 lbs. Every inch of your toolbox is fully customizable, from size and color, to drawer configurations, to an array of toolbox accessories.
View Details Industrial Toolbox
    • Multipurpose. Can double as storage equipment and workstations, driving maximum workplace efficiency
    • Optional casters. Turn any custom industrial toolbox into a mobile toolbox with heavy-duty casters
    • Multiple locking options. Secure your toolbox with one of our locking systems
    • Heavy-duty capacity. Store up to 440 lbs. of tools in each drawer
    • Custom-configurable. Choose the number and type of storage compartments you need
ESD Workstations
StaticGard™ workstations come with an array of drawer and housing options to help create a static-safe work environment.
View Details ESD workstations
    • Adheres to ESD Association standards. Protects against static damage both on and below your worksurfaces
    • Static-dissipative top. With a common grounding point for equipment and personnel, plus wrist strap
    • Four preconfigured StaticGard™ workstations. Designed for maintenance, technicians, inspectors or packers
    • StaticGard™ Sentry 100 Workstation. Tested and certified to 100 volts using ESD Association criteria
    • Custom configurations available. Choose the options that meet your exact specs
Shelf Cabinets
Our shelf cabinets provide often-needed shelf storage space and can be used for a number of heavy-duty purposes and custom built to your exact specification. Use them as desk or workstation cabinets supporting a worksurface, or stack them above drawer cabinets to house overflow and semi-bulk inventory.
View Details Shelf Cabinets
    • Ideal for bulk material storage. Tools, gloves, cloths, rags, boxes, and other items
    • Optional doors. Including mesh doors for storing critical-response equipment (all doors have a magnetic catch)
    • Optional locks. Keep cabinet contents secure
    • Compatible with drawer cabinets. Constructed to the same dimensions and design as Vidmar® drawer storage cabinets, allowing for seamless integration – or for converting shelf cabinets to drawer cabinets at any time