Service Storage - Agriculture

Servicing customers in a timely manner is important to any business. But it’s especially critical during peak agriculture season when dealerships are bustling with farmers in need of new equipment parts. Handle customers more efficiently by keeping your fastest moving parts in parts counter drawers. Vidmar® service counters allow you to store up to 80% of picks directly behind the counter, speeding up customer handling and maximizing employee efficiency.
Store fast-moving parts nearby while utilizing the space in your service counters. Our high-density drawer, mobile, and shelf cabinets let you store more in less space while accommodating a range of shapes and sizes – and you can customize them to meet your operation’s unique needs.
Modular Storage Cabinets
Modular storage cabinets are a flexible, fully customizable storage solution that grow to meet your operation’s ever-changing needs. You can be sure that whatever you’re storing is protected by durable housing and drawer systems.
View Details Modular drawer storage cabinets
    • Fully extendable drawers. Drawers extend 100% even when loaded to 440 lb./200 kg capacity
    • Sub-dividable drawers. Customize with drawer accessories to separate and organize items
    • Labels available. Add optional labels to drawer pulls for quick identification and retrieval
    • Locking systems available. Optional, for added security
Mobile Storage Cabinets
Wherever you need to work, Vidmar® mobile storage cabinets can get in on the action. They're made to endure even the most rugged environments, and can be configured to meet your precise mobile storage needs.
View Details Mobile Cabinets
    • Heavy-duty mobile casters. For easy movement so you can work on the go
    • Unlimited configurations. Choose any size or drawer combination you require
    • Workcenter options. Also available as workcenters, FOD workcenters, mobilization control cabinets, and mobile control centers
    • Lock-in-lock-out (LILO) drawers. Drawer locks in fully opened or fully closed position for added security
    • Sturdy handles. Mounted directly on the cabinet housing for easy maneuvering
    • Wide range of accessories. Including MR latches, top trays, tow bars, custom drawer inserts, and GSA kickstand for increased safety and stability
Shelf Cabinets
Our shelf cabinets provide often-needed shelf storage space and can be used for a number of heavy-duty purposes and custom built to your exact specification. Use them as desk or workstation cabinets supporting a worksurface, or stack them above drawer cabinets to house overflow and semi-bulk inventory.
View Details Shelf Cabinets
    • Ideal for bulk material storage. Tools, gloves, cloths, rags, boxes, and other items
    • Optional doors. Including mesh doors for storing critical-response equipment (all doors have a magnetic catch)
    • Optional locks. Keep cabinet contents secure
    • Compatible with drawer cabinets. Constructed to the same dimensions and design as Vidmar® drawer storage cabinets, allowing for seamless integration – or for converting shelf cabinets to drawer cabinets at any time
Parts Counters

Ensure the parts you use most often are always where you need them, when you need them. Each housing can accept drawers, shelves, and roll-out trays so you can customize your parts counter to your needs.

Learn More Parts Counters in a agriculture facility
    • High-density drawer storage cabinets are designed to maximize cubic storage capacity
    • Sub-dividable drawers can be configured to exactly fit the parts you’re storing, keeping them protected and speeding retrieval
    • Drawer dividers accommodate labels and barcodes for quick identification of compartment contents and greater inventory accuracy
    • Shelf cabinets provide organized, accessible storage for bulkier parts
    • Choose from a selection of durable, attractive countertop surfaces, including butcher block, stainless steel, and plastic laminate
    • Full-extension drawers and roll-out trays feature 100% full drawer extension and impressive 440 lb. weight-bearing capacity
Utility Carts
Vidmar® utility carts are a convenient way to keep tools at hand as you move from task to task. This lightweight, highly mobile storage option is built with the same durability and strength as other Vidmar storage systems.
Utility Cart
    • Easy to maneuver. Heavy-duty yet lightweight construction
    • High storage capacity. 16,910 cubic inches of storage space with an overall storage capacity of 600 lbs.
    • Drawer options. Choose one or two drawers (each drawer holds up to 150 lbs.)
Vertical Display Cabinets
Make smart use of available space by adding Vidmar® vertical display cabinets above your drawer storage cabinets. No need to open the door to find what you're looking for. These cabinets allow you to store tools in a way that keeps them visible and identifiable from a distance.
Vertical Display Cabinets
    • Pegboard included. Organize and locate tools easily
    • Locking doors. Pegboard sits behind locking Plexiglas® bypass doors, for protection and security
    • Compatible with drawer storage cabinets. Can be installed above most Vidmar® drawer storage cabinets