Heavy Equipment

Heavy-duty storage for your heavy-duty equipment.
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Tools, parts, and inventory of any size and weight have a home among this diverse selection of Vidmar® high-capacity storage systems.
STAK System®
Based on a system of dynamically adjustable pallets (rather than fixed shelves) and a captive lifting and handling device, the STAK System helps maximize storage density by minimizing the vertical space requirements of each stored pallet and its contents.
View Details STAK System
    • Fully modular. Rack capacity is 25,000 lbs. per section and 50,000 lbs. per bay (seismic zones 1 and 2)
    • Pallets placed in 4" vertical increments. Items can be stored just where you want them, and are positioned via a positive engagement system
    • Ergonomic handling. Unique handling device maneuvers on four axes, creating 360-degree flexibility – makes removing even large loads easy
    • Simple, intuitive positioning. Enables the operator to relocate a pallet quickly, accurately, and safely (pallets are removed and replaced by guiding the mast to the new position)
Completely modular, Vidmar® mezzanine systems can be reconfigured as often as necessary – even when fully loaded. Use this solution to create two levels of convenient storage, saving valuable floor space.
View Details Mezzanines
    • Sturdy, all-steel construction. Built to last, and backed by our lifetime warranty
    • Two types available. Choose what meets your needs: the MaxiMezz™ System or the MiniMezz™ System
    • Flexible configuration. Build it around your facility’s space requirements and traffic patterns using aisle and pass-through modules
    • Stairs and railings. Included on both MaxiMezz and MiniMezz
    • Easy compatibility. Can be configured with any Vidmar cabinet
Modular Storage Cabinets
Modular storage cabinets are a flexible, fully customizable storage solution that grow to meet your operation’s ever-changing needs. You can be sure that whatever you’re storing is protected by durable housing and drawer systems.
View Details Modular drawer storage cabinets
    • Fully extendable drawers. Drawers extend 100% even when loaded to 440 lb./200 kg capacity
    • Sub-dividable drawers. Customize with drawer accessories to separate and organize items
    • Labels available. Add optional labels to drawer pulls for quick identification and retrieval
    • Locking systems available. Optional, for added security
Roll-out Tray Cabinets
Designed for the storage of heavy, bulky items, Vidmar® steel roll-out tray cabinets give you full access to all stored items at once.
View Details rollout Manufacturing
    • Fully extendable trays. See and access all tray contents
    • Adjustable tray height. To accommodate different item sizes
    • Heavy-duty weight capacity. Each tray can hold 440 lb.
    • Open tray front. Allows items to be removed easily
    • Integrated tray handle. With lock-in latch for safety
    • Lockable door. Closes flush over trays
Industrial Toolboxes
Vidmar® industrial toolboxes are engineered to endure all types of workplace demands, with each drawer capable of holding up to 440 lbs. Every inch of your toolbox is fully customizable, from size and color, to drawer configurations, to an array of toolbox accessories.
View Details Industrial Toolbox
    • Multipurpose. Can double as storage equipment and workstations, driving maximum workplace efficiency
    • Optional casters. Turn any custom industrial toolbox into a mobile toolbox with heavy-duty casters
    • Multiple locking options. Secure your toolbox with one of our locking systems
    • Heavy-duty capacity. Store up to 440 lbs. of tools in each drawer
    • Custom-configurable. Choose the number and type of storage compartments you need
Our industrial seating line combines ergonomic comfort with a strong construction that’s built to last. Choose from a variety of adjustable stools or chairs to perfectly complement your storage system or workstation, whatever the job task or application.
View Details Production Chairs
    • Deluxe industrial chair. The most rugged, versatile seat we offer with a molded polyurethane seat and backrest and optional armrests and casters
    • Production chair. Has an ergonomic design ideal for repetitive work tasks, and can be adapted with optional armrests and casters
    • Assembly chair. Hand grip makes it easy to move and ergonomic design is perfect for the assembly line
    • Office/production chair. With molded foam seat, armrests, optional casters, and big-and-tall weight capacity of 500 lbs.
    • Trolley. Stool with casters and two-part removable tray for small parts and tools
    • Multi-purpose stool. "Anywhere Release" round ring seat control provides easier seat adjustment, no lever needed
    • Deluxe ESD chair. Features closed-loop ESD components designed to discharge into grounded floor
    • ESD workbench. Offers ESD benefits, remains stable at great heights, and won't damage coated floors
    • Sit-stand stool. Easily adjustable seat height with automatic gravity seat locking system
    • Sit-stand chair. With backrest and inclined lift suspension to position worker forward while seated
    • Workbench chair (upholstered). Adjustable to different workbench positions with varying back heights, optional armrests, and ergonomic foot support
    • Lab chair. Armrests, foot support, and antimicrobial vinyl seat and back
    • Lab stool. Dual bar backrest designed for maximum comfort when sitting for long periods
    • Round ring control lab stool. Easy-to-clean vinyl and chrome components designed for lab environments
    • Lab sit-stand. Inclined lift suspension positions worker forward while sitting