Keep your facility operating at optimal efficiency with our comprehensive range of solutions. Our modular approach allows us to address your specific needs to help save space and improve productivity.

From smarter, space-saving storage to better organized workstations, Vidmar® creates solutions to help manufacturing facilities operate more efficiently.
NC Tool Storage Cabinet
Constructed from extruded aluminum, Vidmar® NC tool storage cabinets are designed to carry all your tools in a safe, well-organized fashion.
View Details CNC tool storage
    • Multiple configuration options. Available in two heights and 12 drawer configurations
    • Patented single-drawer release. For safety, prevents opening more than one drawer at a time
    • High-capacity drawers. Most models include five 25"/635 mm fixed toolholders in each drawer
    • Must be secured. All NC cabinets must be securely anchored to the floor or bolted back to back
Vidmar® workstations are rugged yet polished to meet your demanding benching requirements, and can be custom-configured to fit individual needs. Choose from different components, including cabinet type, worksurface, back stops and end stops, riser shelves and back panels, and other accessories.
View Details Workstations
    • Space-saving. Modular workstations optimize the use of vertical space
    • Ergonomic design. All workstation components like the Nexus Accessory system are designed to increase productivity and decrease the risk of employee injury
    • Built-in pallet feet included. Makes moving your workstation easy, even when fully loaded
    • Workstation accessories. Customize with fluorescent lights, under-bench cabinets, bookcases, bookcase risers, power strips, recessed bases, and more
    • Heavy-duty construction. Built to endure long-term, rugged use
Roll-out Tray Cabinets
Designed for the storage of heavy, bulky items, Vidmar® steel roll-out tray cabinets give you full access to all stored items at once.
View Details rollout Manufacturing
    • Fully extendable trays. See and access all tray contents
    • Adjustable tray height. To accommodate different item sizes
    • Heavy-duty weight capacity. Each tray can hold 440 lb.
    • Open tray front. Allows items to be removed easily
    • Integrated tray handle. With lock-in latch for safety
    • Lockable door. Closes flush over trays
Pan Carousel
The Vidmar® motorized carousel maximizes vertical space, provides quick and easy access to hard-to-reach inventory, and offers complete load containment.
View Details Pan Manufacturing
    • One-person operation. Safely and easily rotate shelves, locate desired inventory item, stop at proper position, and remove product at floor level – without extra help
    • Flexible carriers. Can be reconfigured to accommodate a changing inventory
    • Durable workspace. Stainless steel work counter
    • Easy-to-use controls. Fully automatic and includes carrier selector
    • Full enclosure. For item security and dust protection
    • Safety light curtains. Enhances employee safety and allows remote operation
NC Tool Taxis
Store, organize, and transport your tools safely and easily with Vidmar® NC tool taxis.
View Details CNC tool taxi
    • Strong and durable. Constructed from extruded aluminum
    • Available with a range of accessories. Rear tray, storage cabinet with lockable door, adjustable shelf, card holder for paperwork, and more
    • Compatible with fixed toolholders. For increased capacity, add fixed 22"/559 mm toolholders to the front or rear of the tool taxi
Shelf Cabinets
Our shelf cabinets provide often-needed shelf storage space and can be used for a number of heavy-duty purposes and custom built to your exact specification. Use them as desk or workstation cabinets supporting a worksurface, or stack them above drawer cabinets to house overflow and semi-bulk inventory.
View Details Shelf Cabinets
    • Ideal for bulk material storage. Tools, gloves, cloths, rags, boxes, and other items
    • Optional doors. Including mesh doors for storing critical-response equipment (all doors have a magnetic catch)
    • Optional locks. Keep cabinet contents secure
    • Compatible with drawer cabinets. Constructed to the same dimensions and design as Vidmar® drawer storage cabinets, allowing for seamless integration – or for converting shelf cabinets to drawer cabinets at any time