FNH USA August 11, 2014

An entity of Fabrique Nationale (FN)

McLean, Virginia

Problem: How to safely store a high quantity of small arms weaponry ranging from pistols to 50-caliber machine guns

Solution: High-density cabinets with weapons cradles

Benefits: Cabinets maximize storage space and enable at-a-glance inventory control; low-profile design downplays contents for enhanced security and projects a professional-looking appearance

Products Used: Weapons cabinetsworkstations with rollout cabinets

FNH USA’s development and tech support center was in the process of building a new facility including constructing a vault that could securely house its arsenal of hundreds of guns and crew-served weapons. The trick was figuring out a way to store its current inventory and accommodate predicted future growth in a physical space that couldn’t be expanded beyond its 18-foot-wide by 50-foot-long dimensions.

The solution came from Stanley Vidmar. Using high-density cabinets, Vidmar Storage Sales Engineer Pat Gurry designed a site plan comprised of 14 weapons storage cabinets. “Vidmar’s solution resulted in a 4:1 space-savings compared to the open racks we used to have at our former location,” says Rick Adams, FNH USA’s assistant vice president, military operations.

Because of its new space efficiency, FNH USA is able to store a broader array of its inventory onsite such as aviation pods. The pods, which are designed to attach to the bottom of helicopters, house machine guns. “We designed a unique rack system in the center of the vault that brings the 150-lb. pods to the picker,” Gurry says. “Not only does this design maximize space but it allows for the safe removal of heavy items while reducing the risk of employee injury.”

Vidmar cabinets provide an organized way to keep gun parts together. “Oftentimes we need to store guns disassembled, which was virtually impossible with our standard rifle racks. Inevitably, we would lay pieces of the guns on workbenches or the floor,” Adams says. With the Stanley® Vidmar® weapons cabinets which are U.S. Army-certified for small arms storage, specially configured weapons cradles are notched and padded to keep gun receivers in an upright position. Repositionable metal dividers store barrels, trigger guards, and other gun components together in the same drawer as the guns. “This level of organization provides at-a-glance inventory control and ensures that parts don’t get misplaced or lost,” Adams says.

Organization bears another benefit for FNH USA. “Our facility is for invited guests only including Congressional staff, NATO attachés, and military personnel,” Adams says. “We’re a world-class company that needs to project that image and Stanley Vidmar helps us do that. The cabinets provide a professional appearance from their uniform blue color to the neatly arranged drawers.”

In addition to weapons storage, Stanley Vidmar provided FNH USA with additional products for its technical support shop floor including technician benches, work surfaces, tool chests, and a HazMat locker. “Our staff troubleshoot reports of problems with guns and need to have their tools accessible. We worked with Vidmar to design a mobile option that meets our specific needs and ensures we properly maintain our fleet of guns,” Adams says.

“In addition to all the products’ benefits, the value for the dollar including Vidmar’s lifetime guarantee sold us on partnering with them,” Adams says. “We knew they could be our full-solution provider.”