Container Deployment

When you’re on the move, Vidmar® is prepared to move with you. Mobile storage options include mobile cabinets and workcenters, mobilization container cabinets, and mobile control centers. Our rapid deployment container insert gives your unit or agency the flexibility to be mission ready – whenever or wherever duty calls.
Rapid Deployment Container Insert
Designed for the high-density storage of tools, parts, and weapons – the rapid deployment container insert can be custom configured for new or existing quad-cons, tri-cons, and 20-foot containers. Even drawer options are fully customizable.
View Details Container insert
    • Heavy-duty capacity. Handles loads up to 4,000 lbs. per individual unit or 8,000 lbs. per stacked unit
    • Four-way forkliftable base. For quick and easy deployment
    • Accepts pallet jacks. For transporting around the facility without a fork truck
    • Available with cross bracing or panels. To accommodate a variety of storage and security needs
    • Lifetime warranty. Built to last and backed by the Vidmar® Lifetime Guarantee
Mobile Storage Cabinets
Modular storage cabinets are a flexible, fully customizable storage solution that grow to meet your operation’s ever-changing needs. You can be sure that whatever you’re storing is protected by durable housing and drawer systems.
View Details Modular drawer storage cabinets
    • Fully extendable drawers. Drawers extend 100% even when loaded to 440 lb./200 kg capacity
    • Sub-dividable drawers. Customize with drawer accessories to separate and organize items
    • Labels available. Add optional labels to drawer pulls for quick identification and retrieval
    • Locking systems available. Optional, for added security
Mobilization Container Cabinets
Vidmar® combines durable storage cabinets and shelving to form our unique space-saving mobilization container cabinets.
View Details Mobilization Containter
    • Accommodates range of item sizes. Perfect for everything from large bulky items to miniscule parts
    • Multiple door options. Available with hinged or flipper-style doors in both steel and clear glass
    • Drawer latches. Safety feature keeps items secure while in motion
    • Shelf battens. Available to prevent items from sliding on open shelves
Mobile Control Centers
This heavy-duty desk with shelf and drawer storage allows you to easily relocate your control center when necessary, using a forklift with the included pallet base.
View Details Mobile Control Container
    • Universal components. Includes a standard 245 cabinet, corner desk/bookcase, safety panel, and integral pallet base
    • Easy to assemble. Choose a configuration that works for your needs (also available fully assembled)
    • Ample, well-lit workspace. Counter surface around two sides
    • Safety panel. Prevents chair roll-away and buffers noise
    • Pallet base. Allows for effortless relocation with forklift