Workbench Cabinets

A full range of durable storage options for your workbenches.
Explore the different ways you can add cabinets to your workbench.
Under-Bench Cabinets
Under-bench cabinets allow for same drawer modularity as conventional cabinets and offer the same durable storage capabilities.
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    • Available in 6 footprints. Standard, shallow, small version, extra-wide, extra-wide shallow depth, and double-wide
    • Ideal for suspending from hardwood worksurfaces.
Overhead Benching Cabinets/Bookcases
Overhead benching cabinets and bookcases complement your workstation and offer ample additional storage.
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    • Standard dimensions. Standard bookcase is 30"/762 mm wide (the dimensions of a standard cabinet) and 14"/356 mm deep
    • Larger sizes available. Bookcases are also available in 45"/1143 mm and 60"/1524 mm widths
    • Secure options. Secured bookcase options available, including locking hinged doors
    • Adjustable shelves. Adjustable on 2" centers
    • Risers available. Choose from a variety of sizes, all specially made to support bookcases
What do you want your Vidmar® cabinet to look like? Choose from 13 standard colors, or pick any custom color to suit your needs.
Standard bench Standard Bench Standard Bench
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