Aclara Power Line

Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc. September 10, 2012

Hazelwood, Missouri

Problem: Lack of workbench organization and engineering lab space

Solution: Develop multiple workstation configurations that technicians could select from to best meet their individual needs

Benefits: Doubled the workspace in the same physical location and streamlined efficiency

Products Used: Technical benching cabinets

Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc., is in the business of making advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) systems for the utility industry. Aclara’s St. Louis lab had an inefficient use of workspace that presented a challenge.

That’s when Frank Rausch, engineering lab supervisor for Aclara, contacted Stanley Vidmar Storage Sales Engineer Mick Faulman. “After our initial meeting, I knew I was going to use Vidmar products,” he says. “Mick is so knowledgeable and easy to work with. And the quality of the Vidmar Workstations is unsurpassed.”

Faulman conducted a series of meetings with Aclara technicians to hear their specific needs. Based on their concerns, he worked with them to develop multiple workstation configurations to maximize organization in their offices. “We agreed on six types of cabinets and three configurations the technicians could choose from,” Faulman says.

The installation was done in phases to complement a physical expansion in the laboratory. “We handled installation ourselves and had some minor questions along the way but Mick helped us figure everything out,” Rausch says. The workstations consist of technical benching cabinets backed with a lifetime guarantee, drawers that can fully extend with up to 200 lbs. in them, hardwood work surfaces, and riser shelves. Though the lab’s expansion doubled their square footage, the Vidmar workstations doubled the amount of workstations they thought they would be able to fit in the space.

In addition to providing a more professional appearance, the workstations have contributed to technician efficiency. “Before, they were doing configuration in one area of the lab and writing reports at their desks. Now they can do both from the same office space,” Rausch says.

“Ultimately, the technicians are happy to have been involved in the decision-making process and to have more space to work,” Rausch says. “We’ll definitely turn to Vidmar again for our future storage needs.”