Vertical Lift Module Service

In an effort to improve our after sale customer service levels, relative to our Tower Line of VLM products, we are introducing the following changes and announcements.

  1. A toll dedicated free number has been established exclusively for Vidmar VLM customers in need of telephone support. Although previous methods of contacting customer care will not be ignored, it is suggested this new dedicated number be used going forward. The new dedicated Vidmar number for telephone support is (1-888-228-0600).

  2. In conjunction with the new Vidmar toll free number, there is now a Customer Care Advocate dedicated to Vidmar VLM customers, for the purpose of diagnosing and solving Tower VLM issues via phone and by email.

  3. When a Scheduled Maintenance Visit (PM) has been purchased with a new machine, a second year of full Parts and Labor Warranty will be provided. This visit is to take place at the end of the first year, or 15,000 machine cycles, whichever comes first, by certified technicians. - Telephone Support Agreement (TSA) coverage is offered for all Vidmar VLM customers.

    The following examples explain the coverages available to customers:
  • All Vidmar VLM’s include two (2) years of Premium 8 AM–5 PM (Eastern, Central and Pacific) telephone support / remote assistance, with a two (2) hour guaranteed response time.

  • For all new unit sales having a sign-off or beneficial use date after September 1st, 2012, the Premium (8/5) Telephone Support Agreement  is included with the sale and begins on the date of the unit’s sign-off or beneficial use (whichever occurs first) and lasts for a period of two (2) years.

  • After the two (2) years of included Premium (8/5) telephone support have ended, and if the customer elects not to purchase additional Premium (8/5), (24/5) or (24/7) telephone support coverage as is optionally available at that time, then the unit’s telephone support coverage will change to a Standard (8/5) telephone support coverage.

  • The Standard (8/5) telephone support coverage 8 AM–5 PM (Eastern, Central and Pacific); Monday through Friday, and is responded to by the same service and support organization that maintains the premium telephone support service.

  • The only differences between the premium and standard coverages aside from extended (24/5) or (24/7) Premium coverages available, is that for Premium coverages the customer will have a guaranteed two (2) hour response from a customer care technician from the time the original call is placed into the Vidmar customer service telephone number (1-888-228-0600).

  • For the Standard (8/5) telephone support coverage, the customer care technician will respond as soon as they are available to take the customer’s phone call. The goal for the response time is as soon as is possible, however customers should be aware that at times the response time may be longer than two (2) hours, based on the technician group’s workload. Most calls will be answered the same work day, however if a call is placed later in the day, near the end of the work day it may be responded to the next workday.

  • Of course if the Vidmar VLM customer values the guaranteed two (2) hour response or expanded service coverages such as (24/5) or (24/7) Premium telephone support, Vidmar is glad to offer the following support services to customers. Premium Telephone Service is available annually at a cost.

  • For options and pricing on any of the services mentioned within, please contact your Vidmar Tower VLM sales representative or call (1-888-228-0600). As we move forward with increased attention to our valued customer base, we look forward to providing better after sale service, along with even more product improvements to enhance the value of the Tower VLM to our customers.  Thank you for your business.