Omaha Public Power District

Omaha Public Power District October 22, 2012

North Omaha Station, NE

Problem: The need for effective storage of small parts and large palletized items, and organization of workspaces

Solution: Fully customized storage based on facility specifications

Benefits: Increased productivity, space savings, and improved inventory storage

Products Used: STAK System® and Cabinets

Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) operates four base-load plants that generate electricity on a full-time basis throughout the state of Nebraska. In 1993, when the North Omaha Station added a new warehouse, OPPD reached out to Stanley Vidmar for guidance in creating effective storage solutions for small parts and large palletized items, and general organization within the workspace.

Working with a Territory Sales Manager, Chuck Eacock, OPPD partnered with Stanley Vidmar, who assisted with the shop upgrades by installing cabinets and a STAK System® that allowed for ample growth into the next century as business needs grew.

By using Vidmar cabinets OPPD benefitted from a 70% space savings, increased storage in less space, and improved organization with their workbenches. The cabinets were custom-built around the warehouse’s exact needs and specifications. Height, width, number of drawers, and drawer layouts were all custom-configured to maximize productivity. “There are numerous operational benefits from the standpoint of having so many parts in a consolidated area,” says Chris L. Rush, North Omaha Stores Material Management Division. “We can now organize the cabinets by application. Within each cabinet there is the opportunity for such an array of different configurations of drawers that we have not run into an issue that we can’t handle.”

The addition of a STAK adjustable racking system improved workplace efficiency by providing ample storage space and the versatility to store a host of items from the smallest computer components to oversize valves. With the space that was saved by using the Vidmar STAK System and cabinets, OPPD was able to implement the use of pallet racking.

“Now that we have proper storage, everything is consolidated into a smaller footprint, so there is less walking around, with stored parts always within easy reach and full view. This means an improved bottom line for Omaha Public Power and fast, effortless retrieval for the craft guys,” said Rush.

Because of the impactful results at North Station, OPPD decided to incorporate Stanley Vidmar product in the Nebraska City warehouse as well as the Calhoun Nuclear Plant. Both installations were met with the same results as North Station. OPPD has hosted several tours with other facility management seeking insight on how Vidmar products can improve work areas and make employees more efficient.

“To someone thinking about moving to automated storage or making facility improvements, I would invite them to visit one of our facilities to experience Stanley Vidmar products first hand,” said Rush. “We have been so pleased with Vidmar products to aid with our warehouse improvements.”