Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil July 13, 2012

Cirque du Soleil

Las Vegas, Nevada

Problem: Storing myriad parts and tools behind the scenes of a large and popular Las Vegas stage production

Solution: A combination of mobile storage cabinets to organize and secure tools and parts, and wood-topped workstations to perform technical repairs

Benefits: Organization; a clean, professional appearance; efficient storage of a wide range of parts and tools; reclaimed available workspace

Products Used: Storage cabinets, Workstations

As a Technical Director for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, Paul Reams has a daunting task: making sure an elaborate production runs seamlessly ten times each week. Supported by his staff of 120 technicians, it is Paul’s job to ensure that all the technical aspects of the show are in perfect working order for each of the intricately choreographed performances.

But with eight different departments handling everything from electronics to carpentry to spare parts, storage can quickly become a challenge. Add to that the demands of two performances every night, and it becomes clear that the technical staff can’t waste valuable minutes looking for the parts and tools needed to make a repair.

That’s why Paul turned to Stanley Vidmar and storage engineer Tom Kelly. After analyzing Paul’s needs, Tom developed a storage solution that keeps things organized and helps Paul’s staff focus on supporting the show’s 60 performers. Using a range of storage cabinets, all the department’s tools, spare parts, and back stock have their specific storage location. With the addition of several wood-topped workstations, technicians have ample space to make repairs or construct new props.

Paul is no stranger to the Vidmar product line—he’s been using the Vidmar cabinets since his days as a head carpenter for the show. “I use them for their sturdy durability and their ease of function,” he says. “They are rugged and they keep everything organized.”

Much like Cirque du Soleil’s ornate stage productions, appearance is also an important factor behind the curtain. “They allow us to maintain a clean, professional look in our shop,” he explains. “We get a substantial amount of VIPs that come back stage to take a tour.”

Storing the goods out of sight also maximizes security. “There might be a $400-$500 tool in one drawer,” Paul says. “It needs to be secure when people walk through the area.”

The cabinets have become overwhelmingly popular with his staff, some of whom resort to some interesting tactics to obtain an additional unit. “If there’s a rumor that someone isn’t using a Vidmar, we go and take it. They are a hot commodity around here.”

Long term, Paul has plans to use more Vidmar storage solutions & to implement a centralized, uniform storage system. “My goal is to get everything in the showroom organized in a uniform manner… so that when an individual walks into a different department, he knows exactly where to go.”