Carbon Career and Technical Institute

March 07, 2018
Problem: Small, nontraditional learning spaces lacking the right tools for storage, organization, and efficient workflow

Solution: Create a space-saving, well-organized environment for hands-on and classroom learning experiences that mirror real-world shop environments

Benefits: Enhanced classroom learning opportunities; significant cost savings from not having to replace lost tools; tools and parts are centralized, easily located, inventoried, and secure; and increased shop/student productivity

Products Used: Workstations, Chairs, High-Density Storage Drawer Cabinets

Used in automotive shops around the world, Stanley Vidmar storage and workspace solutions are the perfect way for the educators of tomorrow's automotive technicians and machinists to incorporate professional-grade products into the classroom experience.

At Carbon Career & Technical Institute (CCTI), a dedicated team of instructors equips high school students with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce or enroll in a post-secondary educational program. Using real-world examples to teach essential concepts, their staff applies advanced technology to career and technical tasks in areas including welding, precision machine technology, HVAC, and automotive repair.

While CCTI's tech programs were strong and steadily growing, the space to accommodate that growth was limited. Inefficient storage racks as well as traditional desks and countertops simply couldn't hold up to the daily onslaught of heavy parts, metal tools, and classrooms full of teenagers.

Instructors noted that time was lost searching for tools, and that classroom layouts restricted, rather than encouraged, student engagement. And, like every school in America, CCTI was also working on a fixed budget and needed solutions that not only provided immediate results but delivered long-term savings.

Stanley Vidmar storage sales managers worked with CCTI to design unique systems that bridged the divide between the shop and the classroom. "We went from room to room to assess their exact storage and classroom needs," says Stanley Vidmar Territory Sales Manager Pete Heilman. "We then custom-designed solutions for every area that not only addressed immediate storage challenges, but allowed room for future growth."

As a result, old fiberglass desks were replaced with sturdy metal Vidmar countertops that provided functional, flexible storage space for students. To promote more active group discussions, lightweight, ergonomic Vidmar chairs were configured into neat rows and groups.

In the shop, large and small drawers in moveable Vidmar cabinets accommodate different-sized tools and frequently used small parts. Labels and drawer dividers keep shop resources compartmentalized and organized for students, and prevent tools from being misplaced. This ensures more time for honing valuable skills and less time searching for parts and tools.

Since the work was completed, the response from CCTI has been overwhelmingly positive. "Vidmar's improvements have given the students a sense of pride in their classrooms and workshops, and it's made them more productive," says Hal Resh, automotive instructor. "We spend more time working and learning because we're more organized than ever before. And we've already noticed savings by not having to replace tools as often."