Quinn Caterpillar

Quinn Caterpillar September 12, 2014

City of Industry, CA

Problem: How to replace existing storage with solutions that meet functional and showroom-level aesthetic standards

Solution: High-density storage solution that encompasses quality standards and complements new building

Benefits: All expectations met for high-quality storage products that are cost effective and carry low turnover time

With nearly a century of service in its wake, Quinn Company has developed an eye for quality products. When Quinn updated its City of Industry, CA warehouse infrastructure, they also sought to upgrade the existing storage units inside. Winning a bid for such a large project would be a great victory for any storage solution manufacturer, and Vidmar already had partnered with the Quinn warehouse with its cabinets. Now, Vidmar had the opportunity to create a holistic storage solution for the entire facility.

Quinn laid out its expectations for the new storage equipment clearly: It should be high-quality and durable, capable of providing years of service, and complementary to the window-heavy design of the warehouse. More specifically, Quinn needed 204 cabinets, 140 bin shelving units, 72 pallet racks, 12 cantilever racks, and 1 conveyor and carton flow system for the 18 shelves of each pallet rack.

"Our infrastructure update was no small task, especially when having to work around the initial units in the warehouse," said Chris Lucas, Quinn Company Parts Manager. "Regardless of the obstacles, we needed to minimize warehouse downtime."

Never seeing a challenge only an opportunity, Vidmar quickly jumped to action and began work on a proposal.

As bids for the project came in, it became apparent that Vidmar was up against tough competition—namely the incumbent who had erected the new warehouse as well as one of Vidmar's largest market competitors. "We were competing head-to-head," said Tosh Szanto,  Vidmar Territory Sales Manager. "Also, we didn't make a lot of the products that were required for the job."

Undeterred, Vidmar developed a plan to compensate for the missing products and gain an advantage over competitors. Quinn already had faith in Vidmar based on more than 40 years of dedicated service and its existing cabinets in the facility, so all Vidmar needed to do was prove its adaptability. Through careful research and effective communication, Vidmar constructed a single-resource proposal, which would enable the installation of Vidmar's storage solutions tailored to Quinn's specific needs. Rather than pulling from different companies, Quinn could rely on Vidmar alone to implement new storage methods in its facility.

When Quinn decided to move forward with cabinets as a primary storage method, Szanto tapped into Vidmar's strong network of partnerships and began working with JLS Enterprises, a local company that does Vidmar installations, and gathered options for third-party materials to support Quinn's additional needs. Vidmar's global brand also generates contacts on an international level, which provided Szanto with a variety of manufacturing and contracting resources local to Quinn. He consulted with them for quotes and bids, and sent the results to one of Vidmar's biggest and most influential partners, AGCO, for a final quote on the project.

The final quote for Quinn—in tandem with Vidmar's reputation and competence—ultimately led Szanto to a winning bid. The CAT dealership purchased Vidmar Cabinets, Pallet Roller Conveyors, Mini Pallet Racks, Pallet Racking, Carton Flow Racking, Bin Shelving, and Cantilever Racks. Vidmar's cost-effective, single-resource plan and minimal turnaround time further expedited Quinn's project, successfully outfitting the facility with top-quality storage equipment and allowing operations to proceed in only 90 days.

"We've been in business for more than 95 years and we appreciate Vidmar's 40+ years of quality service. Not only that but Vidmar's premium storage solutions are designed for years of service, complimenting our new building," said Lucas. "Everything we do must reflect quality, in addition to being functional."

"AGCO was a critical component to us winning," said Szanto. "Vidmar, AGCO, and JLS Enterprises all came together as one to earn the job." As the result of a proven history of quality service and a stellar pool of partnerships, Vidmar successfully met Quinn's expectations across the board, excelling in installation, equipment, permitting, and processing.

Following the Vidmar installation, Quinn benefits from some of the highest quality storage equipment in the world. Just two of Vidmar's completely customizable cabinets hold the contents of five standard units of shelving. Interchangeable drawers support up to 400 pounds of material each—even when fully extended. As Quinn's inventory shifts, so does the arrangement of drawer contents, optimized by using organizational accessories. These include foam inserts, plastic dividers, and partitions that act as effective storage mechanisms, keeping parts organized as well as protecting them from dust and damage. Full visibility of drawer contents makes for easy access and reduced pick times, and for sensitive equipment or materials, a variety of security options are available.

Ultimately, Vidmar storage solutions produce up to 70% space savings, maximize organization, and increase operational efficiency as a whole. The less time personnel spend digging around for parts and tools, the faster work gets done. After 95 years of business, Quinn clearly understands the value of efficiency and good craftsmanship. As the result of a proven history of quality service and a stellar pool of partnerships, Vidmar successfully met Quinn's expectations across the board, excelling in installation, equipment, permitting, and processing.

Vidmar looks forward to a long-standing partnership as Quinn's preferred supplier. "We will certainly reach out to Vidmar when scope of work and products have been defined in Quinn Company near-term facility projects," Lucas states.