Straight Workstations

Workstations that meet your demanding benching requirements.

Type A-4 Straight Workstation


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Type A-1 Straight Workstation


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Type A-5 Straight Workstation


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Type A-8 Straight Workstation


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  • Adjustable Riser
    Adjustable Riser Shelf
    Create versatile storage with adjustable shelving.
  • Back Stop
    Back and End Stops
    Rounded corners help prevent items from rolling off the worksurface.
  • Bench Leg
    Bench Legs
    Add height and stability to your workbench with bench legs and leveling glides.
  • Bottom Shelf
    Bottom Shelves
    Add a footrest or create additional storage beneath your bench.
  • Butcher Block - Drawer Storage
    Butcher Block
    Creates a clean, attractive look that's also functional.
  • Phenolic Resin
    Designed for laboratory use, phenolic resin helps resist chemicals, stains, and discoloration.
  • Plastic Laminate - Drawer Storage
    Plastic Laminate
    Top off your cabinet with a counter that's sleek yet durable.
  • Privacy Panel
    Privacy Panels
    Work discretely with steel privacy panels.
  • Stainless Steel - Drawer Storage
    Stainless Steel
    Adds additional durability and protection to your cabinet worksurface.
  • Stationary Riser
    Stationary Risers
    Add heavy-duty storage above your workbench.
  • Stringer Foot Rest
    Stringers/Foot Rests
    Telescoping heavy gauge U channel with two mounting holes on each end plate.
  • WIth Cabinet - Straight
    With Cabinet
    Add storage beneath your workbench with a cabinet.
  • Without cabinet - straight
    Without Cabinet
    Support your workbench with bench legs.
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