Locking Systems for Vidmar Cabinets

What Kind of Locking Systems Are Available for Vidmar Cabinets? August 06, 2013

No matter the industry – security is key to any workplace. The investment you’ve made in your tools and parts is crucial to your workflow. After you’ve stored these valuable items in cabinets, you should be able to rely on locking systems to keep them secure. 

Vidmar cabinets and their locking systems drive workplace productivity and organization while safeguarding your tools.

Let’s take a look at a few cabinet locking systems offered by Vidmar:

*Vidmar Keys: Along with the security provided by the locks themselves, keys made by Vidmar are virtually impossible to replicate. A single key can secure every drawer in a group of up to 10 cabinets or can be restricted only to drawers in a specific cabinet or to an individual drawer.

*SL10 Locks: The SL10 is the standard locking method for individual housings. SL10s can also be used as a group lock for standard or lightweight cabinets.

*Dual Housing Locks: Within high security areas like the hospital or pharmacy, it is especially crucial to have a dual locking system where two locks – that require separate keys – are used in a single cabinet. For dual housing locking, the SL10D dual lock modification is used along with two standard SL10 locks.

*Non-Removable Key Feature (NRKF): The non-removable key option is used when a user doesn’t want to remove the key when the cabinet lock is open. This signals the user to lock the cabinet in order to get their key back – a helpful way to make sure keys don’t get lost.

These are just a few ways you can secure your cabinets with Vidmar’s locking systems. How does your company protect your cabinets and their tools?

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