Inside Vidmar Cabinets Gallery

Image Gallery: A Look Inside Vidmar Storage Cabinets June 30, 2013

If you were to pull out a storage cabinet drawer and take a peek inside, what would you expect to see? How would you organize your parts, tools, and accessories in order to streamline inventory management and accommodate your storage and retrieval needs? 

At Vidmar, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with versatile and durable storage solutions they can depend on. Our cabinets are available in dozens of sizes and drawer configurations, making the height, width, color, number of drawers, and drawer layouts specific to each customer’s individual needs. 

We offer a variety of cabinet drawer accessory options perfect for your storage applications. Here’s a look at just a few:

Custom Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Drawer Inserts

Custom foam inserts, which can be cut to fit the exact shape of your tools, can make spotting missing items quick and easy. For military storage and retrieval needs, foam inserts can be used to safely hold special tools and weapons in place.

Plastic Bins & Dividers

Drawer Bins & Dividers

Plastic bins can be used to remove, issue, and count small parts and accessories from cabinet drawers. Bins can be divided into smaller compartments with dividers and snap-on labels/label holders that make organizing bin content quick and easy. 

Label Holders

Label Holders

A big part of inventory management involves being able to instantly identify drawer compartment contents and locate the appropriate part or tool. Label holders, which include paper labels and protective vinyl shields, snap directly onto drawer dividers and can help with easy access to stored items. 

Adhesive-Backed Label Holders

Drawer Labels

Designed to adhere directly to a divider, partition, or plastic bin, adhesive-backed label holders allow for easy identification of drawer compartment contents.

Drawer Locks

Drawer and Cabinet Locks

Drawer locks, which come in six convenient options (security drawer locks, individual drawer padlocks, lock-in/lock-out latches, multiple cabinet locks, standard drawer locks, and hinge lock bars), keep items secure with Vidmar’s heavy-duty lock system. To ensure additional security, Vidmar’s keying system is virtually impossible to duplicate. 

These are just a few of the drawer accessories you’ll find inside our modular cabinets. We hope our collection of images inspired you to start thinking about how you can organize your facility’s parts and tools to allow for maximum efficiency!