5 Ways to Keep the Manufacturing Line Operational

5 Ways to Keep the Manufacturing Line Operational at All Times June 16, 2013

It goes without saying that productivity in the warehouse is a key driver of success.  But what happens when the inevitable CNC Tool Storage for Manufacturing bottlenecks occur along the production line?  What can facilities do to rethink how they manage manufacturing operations?

Here’s a look at 5 creative solutions to keep your manufacturing line operational at all times:

  1. Create organized workstations: When configuring a workstation to best suit a particular operation’s needs, here’s an important question to consider: What do you need your workstation to do for you?  With Vidmar Industrial workbenches & workstations, you can design the exact setup you’ll need for your heavy-duty needs, including cabinets, drawers, work surfaces, accessories, and more.
  2. Foster a team spirit: As noted in an Industry Week article, “manufacturing isn't the same as the police force, where ‘partners’ team up for life.”  To organize the best team for the work at hand, make sure to give due consideration to the types of employees who would work well together to drive the highest production value.
  3. Keep specialty tools close at hand: In order to drive efficiency along the production line, it’s essential to eliminate any wasted time and effort.  By keeping parts and tools easily accessible with Vidmar mobile cabinets, for example, you can focus on getting the job done right – every time.
  4. Optimize space on the manufacturing floor: On the production floor, where space can be limited, you can improve efficiency by optimizing workflow.  Vidmar’s 5S storage cabinets, ideal for point-of-use storage, allow you to see what’s being stored, making it quick and easy to retrieve items as needed.
  5. Focus on process instead of results:Industry Week also notes great processes lead to great products, performance, and profits.  Instead of focusing on results, try reevaluating the process it takes to get those results, drawing attention to employees who’ve fine-tuned the way they work to achieve the greatest successes.

The above represents just a few of the ways Vidmar solutions can help drive productivity on the manufacturing floor.  How is your organization keeping the production line operational at all times?

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