Our History

Serving you with tough, quality storage solutions since 1940.
Tough Storage the World Over
The history of Vidmar® goes back to the 1940s, when the original modular-drawer cabinet was introduced by Swiss manufacturer A&R Weidmar. Years later, in 1966, the Vidmar name was introduced as U.S. manufacturing began in Allentown, PA. Today, we still make all our products to order at our Allentown facility.

Over the years we've watched the demand for efficient, durable storage continue to grow as businesses and industries worldwide become more lean, productive, and efficient. Vidmar is a common name in countless fields, across the globe – including military, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, heavy equipment, agricultural, power generation/utilities, government, and many others.
Need it Fast? Try Vidmar Xpress™
From workbenches and workstations to cabinets and accessories, many of our products ship within a week of your order – so instead of waiting, you're working.
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